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  • Why Create a Digital Magazine?

    Before you create a digital magazine it’s important to understand why you are creating it. A digital magazine is good for some businesses but not for everyone. There are a few reasons to create a magazine and you’ll need to choose which reason – or maybe you’ll have more than one reason. 1. To Increase […]

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  • Who Uses Native Advertising and How

    Businesses – from insurance companies to cleaning companies and many in between – use native advertising to make more sales and increase brand awareness. Whether you are a large or small business, you can participate in native advertising too. And you should, because it works very well to get the word out about your business. […]

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  • Where Are We Seeing Native Advertising?

    Today you can see examples of native advertising on many popular websites such as, Huffington Post, The Onion, Fast Company, The New York Times and various local newspapers – as well as other popular online magazines and websites. The way you can spot native advertising is that it does not look like an advertisement […]

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  • What Type of Business Are You? 

    Understanding what type of business you have is an important aspect of reaching the right audience, paying your taxes, and marketing and advertising your business. Many different types of businesses are available to choose from. But what type of business are you? * Home-Based Business – This doesn’t necessary mean you have a super small […]

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  • What to Do and Things to Consider before Publishing

    When you decide to publish a digital magazine it’s important to do your due diligence about what’s involved before you spend the time and money doing it. It can take a lot of resources, time and effort to produce a digital magazine – almost as much as it takes to produce a paper magazine. Therefore, […]

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  • What’s the Difference in Owned, Paid, and Earned Marketing Strategy?

    When you are choosing different marketing strategies to implement when marketing your business, it’s important to understand the choices you have and how they differ. You essentially have three choices when it comes to marketing, namely “owned,” “paid” and “earned” media. You’ll more than likely use a combination of all strategies for the very best […]

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  • What Is Native Advertising?

    You probably already know about native advertising, just did not know what it was called or how to get started, or why you should do it. There are three different types of native advertising, some of which you’ll be familiar with. 1. Open – You place the content on your website and then promote it […]

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